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The Late Rev. Rodger L. Golatt "Dad" 

Visionary and Founder of the Golatt Links of Harmony:

Rodger Lee Golatt was born in Brinkley, AR in March 31, 1937 to Bert Golatt (from Alabama) and Littie Estela Morgan Golatt (Augusta, AR). Of that union was born 13children and R.L. Golatt was the youngest of all.
He married Oletha Wilson at the age of 18. They were married for 52 years with 7 children –

with firstborn son (Rodger Golatt Jr.) who passed at birth, and the 6th

December 1999. To this union there are 5 remaining children – Ceola, Lenora, Kenneth, Marvin,

and Alice. Both he and his wife taught their children right from wrong and to have faith in God.

He liked to have fun and was loved by his grandchildren.

Also at the age of 18 he was an ordained Deacon, and was called to preach in his early twenties.

During his life time, he pastored 30 years at 3 separate churches: Mt. Pisgah, New Life Baptist

Church, and Westside Missionary Baptist Church. He also sang with several gospel groups in

the community with the majority of his tenure with the Southern Gales, which became known as

Rev. Rodger Golatt and the Sanging Southern Gales.

Because of his love for singing and praising God, he began his own family group known as the

Golatt Family which is now known as the Golatt Links of Harmony. His favorite scriptures were

Psalms 24, Psalms 150, and Psalms 1. “To Close to My Journey Now” was one of his favorite

 child Linda Golatt passed

His attributes: he loved God, he loved to sing, preach the gospel and give God the praise. He

loved home cooked meals and he fried the best catfish fillet you would ever want to eat. He

catered cookouts with Stafford Enterprise; He worked for the Timex Corporation and Lufkin

Industries all while ministering and pastoring a church. He coached little league softball team.

He was a hardworking man. He was a husband, father, provider, uncle, cousin, friend, Pastor and

an encourager! He gave his best in preaching, teaching and singing and he believed in living his

best as a witness to God. He was a good man.

Today we celebrate the legacy he left us as we embark upon 50 years of singing gospel music

  • and we thank God for the gift and life he experienced on this earth over 70 years ago.